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Most Manufacturers Can’t Track The Leads They Send To Their Distributors

Believe it or not, 73% of the leads you generate are never contacted by sales, let alone your distributors. 

With LeadLift, all of the leads you generate will be automatically routed to the correct distribution or channel partner.

Fully customizable routing – Leads are routed based on custom rules you configure with our team

Deep funnel lead status – See what channel partners are engaging with your leads

Are you one of them?

If so, LeadLift can help.

Of Leads Passed To Sales Fall Through The Crack
Of Sales Go To The Company That Follows Up First On The Lead
Average Increase In Revenue With Automated Lead Management

Start Optimizing Your Channel Sales

Do You Know The ROI Of Your Leads?

Stop throwing away money.

LeadLift gives you full visibility into the outcome of your leads.

If you’re sending leads to your distributors, chances are other manufacturers are too.

If you want your distributors to not only follow-up on every lead sent to them, but also get data into the leads outcome, then you need LeadLift.

Point-click-touch – Leads are received by distributors in an easy-to-use format; no messy logins or external systems to deal with. 

Defined ROI on lead generation – See the result of every lead sent to channel partners – open rates, contact rates, close rates, and more!

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