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Distributor Lead Management Done Better

Efficient lead management is challenging. With LeadLift, it doesn’t need to be.

Cleaner, More Robust Leads

Aggregate leads from all sources, append them with better data like LinkedIn profiles, missing information, industry codes, and more

  • NAIC’s code
  • SIC Classification

  • Market Vertical

  • Geography

  • Brand or Product

  • Distributor or Salesperson

  • Open/Closed

  • …and more!

Save Time With Automated Routing

Once coded, your leads are then automatically routed through custom and editable algorithms to either a regional sales manager, distributor, manufacturing representative, or another channel partner. The automation of this process has the potential to free-up a substantial amount of time, as marketing associates no longer need to manually send leads to individual distributors one at a time – with LeadLift, it happens in real-time.

Unleash the Power of Full Funnel Visibility

Once in the hands of your distributors or sales reps, LeadLift provides full visibility into the outcome of a specific lead; whether or not it was received and opened, if it was contacted or followed-up with, or ultimately, if the lead resulted in a sale. All of this information is captured through a closed-loop reporting system available in real-time.

“76% of distributor principals rated qualified sales leads as ‘most important’ in their selling efforts” – Warne Marketing

Finally, ROI On Marketing Spend

Since LeadLift tracks leads throughout your funnel by their initial source, you’ll be able to see which of your marketing channels are generating the most leads, allowing you to attach a definitive ROI to all of your efforts.
Additionally, distributors and sales reps are able to provide feedback on the quality of the leads you send them, giving you the data you need to evaluate the efficacy of specific channels.

Maxmize Sales Lead Opportunity

With full funnel visibility, LeadLift allows you to capture more opportunities than ever before. Distributor engagement ensures that leads are being contacted and sold to, while the data provided by our solution lets manufacturers know which of their distribution partners are pulling their weight.

Only 27% of leads are ever contacted by salespeople


Better Sales Forecasting

With no knowledge into the performance of your leads at a distributor level, it can be almost impossible to accurately forecast your distributor sales. With LeadLift, you’ll have the full scope of your distributors’ sales as it relates to your leads, allowing you to more accurately forecast future sales.

Integrate With Your Systems

LeadLift easily integrates with any existing CRM program through a custom-built API. This allows information from distributors to passed back into manufacturers’ system, organizing all of your lead information in one convenient place.
Contact us for more information on custom integrations.