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Our team researches, filters and appends data fields associated with a lead including NAIC’s code, SIC classification, Linkedin profile and more.

Better Quality Leads

We enable your team to save time and make intelligent marketing decisions by researching your leads and appending them with more qualifying data (seen below). On average, average lead lists become 70% more robust after they have been run through our system.

  • NAIC’s code & SIC classification
  • LinkedIn Profile

  • General Mapping

  • Company, website, phone number, and more!

Dedicated Research Team

When it comes to designing forms, the less fields required the better. At LeadLift, we employ a team of special researchers who take your raw lead data and append it with a variety of enriching fields using proprietary research methods.

Supply our team with some basic inputs like name and email, and they’ll take it from there.

Access Leads Anywhere

Access LeadLift from your mobile device and stay up-to-date on potential customers no matter where you are. Our mobile-friendly interface makes it easy to keep track of leads on-the-go.

.CSV Export to CRM

Easily export your leads with a one-click .CSV

LeadLift Basic supports exports to Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, Oracle, ZOHO, SugarCRM, and more!

Check Out The LeadLift Enhance Interface In Action

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