Stop Sending Your Leads Into a Distributor Black Hole

With LeadLift, you’ll never have to wonder if your distributors or channel partners are following-up with your leads. Our lead distribution software automatically routes leads to your partners based on custom business rules, holds them accountable for contacting the lead and then gives you insight into contact rates, posting rates, and closing rates, allowing you to maximize your bottom-line and increase revenue.

  • Automate the collection of leads from any source

  • Code leads by product, brand, territory, market, and more

  • Route leads to distributors and channel partners in real-time

  • Get feedback on the lead like open rates, contact rates, and close rates

  • Maximize sales and revenue by ensuring each opportunity is contacted

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Can You Track The Leads You Send To Your Distributors?

LeadLift sets out to solve one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face—getting distributors to report back on the sales leads they spent a fortune generating.

We knew that if this problem could be solved, manufacturers could drive more sales and distributor mindshare.

With LeadLift:

  • Your leads will be followed up on by your distributors
  • The customer will be contacted and not left waiting
  • You will know the outcome of your leads, including ROI
  • You’ll drive more sales through a focused follow-up process
  • Capture the mindshare of your distributor network

Some manufacturers & distributors who love our solution: